Hack Couture

Date: Tuesday April 11th 2017
Time: 9:30pm - 11:00pm

do you like COMEDY? Do you like FASHION? Do you like NEITHER (weirdo!), but still want to have the most FUN, FABULOUS NIGHT OF YOUR LIFE???

HACK COUTURE is a show that will make all of your fashion comedy dreams come true. We're asking something from our talented lineup that has never been asked of them before:
To dress nicely for a show.
And they better, because they will be working the runway and FEROCIOUSLY JUDGED BY AN EXPERT PANEL of judges.

Hosted by Hacky O'Nassis (AKA Lucy Grrvais) and Crackeline Kennedy (AKA Isabel Zed Tee)

With Special Guest judges Courtney Gilmour and Waqar

Featuring The Comedic Stylings of
Anasimone George
Rick Rowley
Luba Magnus
Brian Millward

And headlined by the amazing Sara Hennessey!

Make sure you don't miss the social event of the season! '