Steph's Open Book

Date: Sunday May 14th 2017
Time: 8:00pm - 9:30pm

Bitchezzzz presents...
Steph's Open Book
Real stories. Real heart. Fake names.

A new longform show featuring a short form drop in. Throw your name in the bucket and be inspired by the cast stories during the first half.


Stay tuned for the start of the live-journal/ longform set inspired by the real-life journal of Stephanie, a dramatic poet wanna-be who loves boys.

Hosted by Bitchezzz*

Al Val
Florian Francois
Ryan Hughes
Holly Wyder
Alia DeSantis

*The bedazzled stools will be in attendance.

(Who are the Bitchezzz you ask? Why, none other than the fabulous Holly Wyder and the sensational Stephanie Philp who are real life best friends. Holly has been improvising for four years, Steph is currently in classes for fun, together they took on the TKO tournament at the BCIF in 2016 and won! Plus they're both so DARN cute)
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