The Toronto Make Me Laughs

Date: Tuesday August 15th 2017
Time: 10:00pm - 11:30pm

Miss us??? Toronto's edgiest political song parody group is back!!! On the heels of their hot Austin Powers Impersonator Fundraiser...they are back...and sharper than ever. Maybe a few friends will come along for the ride and maybe their names are...:

Kivork AlsoKnownas DoubleKay: performing a live prank
Donald Trump Impersonator Glen Griffith
Meg MacKay: performing a live psychic reading
Simon Christopher: performing a live stunt

Hosted by: Kurtis Conner, Jacob Sharpe, and Dean Hebscher

Headlined by: An Austin Powers Impersonator from

With appearnces by: The Toronto Make Me Laughs (Sam Burns, Noah Leibtag, Ben DS) ;)

Comedy Bar
10 pm