Zero Hour Improv

Date: Wednesday October 4th 2017
Time: 9:30pm - 11:00pm

Welcome to Zero Hour Improv, Toronto's friendiest improv show with a blend of Short and Long form Improv!

We showcase Toronto's best Improv talent in the city as well as offer the audience a chance to perform in the show as well. Just put your name in the bucket at the beginning of the show for your chance to be onstage. First timers are welcome!


Solo Improv! ( Adam Cawley, Jason DeRosse and Rob Norman)

Pepperoni Pizza Cats ( Joe Amero, Laura Commisso, Warren Ng, Franco Nguyen, Bradley Tingle and Jillian Bo Billian)

Slap Happy( Kerry Griffin, Dave Pearce and Sandy Jobin-Bevans)

Hosted by Cameron LaPrairie!