Here at Comedy Bar we are dedicated to making comedy accessible to all. We are continuing to take steps towards making our space more inclusive.

Below are some specific details about our venue and the programs we offer. If you have any questions or suggestions about other ways in which we can improve please feel free to contact


We are proud to provide a platform for marginalized voices within the comedy community. We are continually striving to remove barriers to comedy performers and guests. We have a positive relationship with our comedy producers and performers, and do our best to ensure that Comedy Bar is a safe space for marginalized members of our community. Through a wide array of events, including our Community Conversation program, we welcome ongoing dialogue and input on all company initiatives to allow us to continue to move forward in the best way.

We are proud to work closely with the following events & their producers in this capacity:

  • Lez is More
  • Gay AF
  • Ethnic Rainbow
  • Bi-Pandemonium
  • Gender Outlaws
  • Crimson Wave Comedy
  • Ebony Tide


Comedy Bar is a basement venue. There are 16 steps to the front entrance. Once inside all theatres and washrooms are on a single level. Together with the Accessibility in the Arts coalition and CASC we are continuing to research and develop strategies to remove barriers for those with physical disabilities or mobility issues. Stay tuned for more details and updates on progress throughout early 2020.


We are thrilled to be the first venue to offer a relaxed stand-up comedy series, designed to make comedy more welcoming to those with sensory and communication sensitivities, developmental delays, social barriers or anyone who feels a more laid back approach is their comfort.

Lighting and sound are adjusted in the space and there is no loud music in the transitions between acts. We provide additional signage and paper order forms at the box office and in the bar area to accommodate various forms of communication.

Performing comics have all been specifically selected based on style and persona.Their performances are non-abrasive, non-confrontational and their delivery is calm and pleasant. These events do not include crowd work. All those who attend our relaxed performances receive a full visual guide in advance of the shows.

Sensory Friendly Comedy takes place on the second Saturday of every month at 630PM in the cabaret space. To keep the space comfortable only 25 tickets are available for each event.


Complimentary tickets will be provided for any support person who accompanies a guest requiring assistance with communication, mobility or other. Limited to one support person per guest. For any additional arrangements please contact


To make our comedy show shows more welcoming for visitors who are deaf or hard of hearing we now offer ASL translated performances. These performances are scheduled at various times throughout the year and do not involve any adaptations to the production on stage (lighting and sound).

Interpreters are placed at audience level and lit appropriately so that our guests who require this support can see them properly. Additional interpreters are placed near the box office to provide support to those who may need it when purchasing tickets or checking in at will call. This is also to ensure these guests are able to get all pertinent information about the space and show so they may enjoy their visit to the fullest.

ASL Interpreted shows are denoted as such in the WHATíS ON section of our website

HA HA FOR THE HOLIDAYS (Family Friendly Comedy Show)

Ha Ha for the Holidays is our new Holiday Family Friendly Comedy and Variety Show series for the holiday season. Programming includes performances by local stand-up, sketch, magic, puppet, improv acts and more. All material is clean, appropriate and fun for all!!

Stay tuned for 2020 details

COMEDY STAR (Workshops for Kids & Youth)

We are beyond thrilled to be launching our new COMEDY STAR program this April. Itís designed to empower kids and youth through Comedy & the arts.

COMEDY STAR is a 4 week workshop at Artscape Youngplace. Workshops will be taught by professional comedians who also have experience teaching kids. We offer workshops for grades 6-8 and 9-12!


At Comedy Bar, we continually aim to maintain a respectful, understanding and kind space where people are able to express themselves without discrimination or harassment. Any unwelcome physical contact, harassment, verbal abuse or discrimination of any kind will not be tolerated.

Anyone who feels they have been harassed or discriminated against is encouraged to inform either Gary Rideout ( or Jen Fitzgerald (

All information shared will be treated as confidential. Alternatively you can visit the anonymous feedback form found at