Improv in the Shadows

Date: Monday August 27th 2018
Time: 9:00pm - 10:30pm

We have a wonderful, fun filled night of improv for you! All these amazing troupes are going to incorporate some interesting elements of lighting into their sets :)


PARALLEL PETER PARKERS! (Giancarlo Consoli, Parth Parikh, Vinay Sagar)

OVERDUDE! (Dizzie Eclipse, Velvet Duke)

THE INTERROGATION PLAYERS! (Abby McEachran, Alanna Bonomo, Ayaka Kinugawa, Bridget Cann, Cihang Ma, Erin Sangle, Hannah E Fiddler, Mary Phan)

CUDDLES & CREAM! (Azer Karadag, Dylan Hamilton, Mairead Ferguson, Mike Sabino, Nancy Lipson, Roya S, Rabiya Mansoor)

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So many exclamation marks because this is gonna be so much fun!!!!