Marlon Rando

Date: Tuesday July 31st 2018
Time: 8:00pm - 9:30pm

Well pinch our cheeks and slap our bums*, we're having a baby shower! The newest kids on the block, Marlon Rando, are having a party to celebrate our entrance to the improv world.

Marlon Rando is Bridget Cann, Brie Watson, Keenan Mak, Moniquea Marion, Jason Voulgaris, Ian McIntyre, Brody Trottier and Linda Julia Paolucci.

worst behaviour! get it? that's what babies are always on!

Scam Algie! Named after the Godfather himself. (Melissa Gerskup, Alaric Mckenzie-Boone, Mark Heeney, Christopher Seeney, Marko Bezić, Samantha Wyss, Emma Decorte, and Jonny Lebeau)

Actual Baby Josh Bonnici (in a uproarious piece developed in Ken Hall's clownservatory)

Have a cigar! outside, though please, think of baby's little lungs.

Thank you to absolute pillar of the community and the godfather himself, Mr Gary Rideout Jr.

This will be a PWYC charity show! details to follow on the charity!

*not actually tho please