Rats Nest

Date: Saturday August 25th 2018
Time: 11:00pm - 12:30am

Launching a business is no small task. Or is it? Perhaps it's just small enough. For a rat. In a nest. Welcome to Rats Nest.

Watch lowly budding entrepreneurs pitch their concepts and products to a panel of incredibly wealthy, yacht toting, diamond encrusted, masters of finance and business, otherwise known as "Rats".

Featuring an eclectic fusion of Montreal and Toronto's greatest comedic talent ever in the entire world, this cash-money fueled night of business proposals will have you screaming "Wow, this is a riff-fest I surely would have regretted not attending. What a great show, 10/10".

This ain't you mom's Dragons Den parody, although she is definitely welcome to attend.

Featuring These Wealthy Rats:

Jacob Greco (MTL)
Nancy Webb (MTL)
Travis Cannon (MTL)

With Pitches From:

Lise Vigneault, Paul Naiman, & Deirdre Trudeau (MTL)
Nick Nemeroff & Gavin Pounds (TO)
Tim Blair (TO)
Gillian Bartolucci (TO)
Freddie Rivas (TO)
Brandon Ash-Mohammed (TO)