Funnier Than Who?

Date: Monday August 6th 2018
Time: 9:00pm - 10:30pm

James JamEasy Cummins hosts some of the best and worst comedians Toronto has to offer to find who's FUNNIER THAN WHO?

Each match will start off with a brief pre match interview with a little history why they are going head to head and some trash talk on who's funny or not!
But once that bell rings its NOT A ROAST

Each comedian will be given 3 minutes of material and Crowd votes who's Funnier and the winner gets $5!

Advance Tix are only $2 Come one come all we are gonna need opinions from the whole spectrum to find out FUNNIER THAN WHO?!?

The main event will be Torontos Top headliner (as voted by Now Magazine) JJ Liberman explaining to all the comedians on the show including the host why none of them are funny!

Advance tix $2 online | $4 at the door