Improv Festival Live Taping

Date: Wednesday September 19th 2018
Time: 11:00pm - 12:30am

There are a lot of Improv Festivals coming up and what better time to film that perfect improv reel then now!

You'll see A game material when you see this show since all the performer will want to submit their performance to the Big City Improv Improv Festival, the Vancouver International Improv Festival or even The San Francisco Improv Fest!


Elderdog: (Rob Lewin, Zo? Barrett-Wood and Cihang Ma)

Sarah Jurassica Parker: ( Yaw Attuah, Brian Edwards, Neil Mathur, Michelle Laplante, Alison Haines, Alfred Chow, Josh Tibbetts, Trevor Tranter, Danny Avila)

Fanny Pack: (Robyn Bacon, Ben Sosa Wright, Rob Lewin and Elliot Ritter)

Michael Ceratops: (Brian Edwards, Justin D'Angelo, Charlene Roth, Bridget Cann, Griffin Toplitsky, Chris Middleton, Maya Cieszynska, Braeden Banks, Arun Kirupa and Saad Khan.

Hot C: (Alaric Mckenzie-Boone, Brian Edwards, Alison Haines and Manny Mangat)

Hosted by Tyler Morgan

It's free for all!