Laugh Sabbath: The Actresses Roundtable at JFL42

Date: Thursday September 20th 2018
Time: 9:30pm - 11:00pm

Laugh Sabbath is re-rolling out the red carpet for an extra-special JFL42 edition of The Actresses Roundtable, featuring 4 legendary Hollywood actresses discussing topics brought up in solo sets by members of the legendary Laugh Sabbath comedy collective:

Marty Topps!
Jackie Pirico!
Chris Locke!
Aisha Brown!

... and our actresses:
SUSAN SARANDON! / Liz Johnston
DEBRA MESSING! / Erica Gellert
STACEY DASH! / Nkasi Ogbonnah
and... wait for it... ***CHER***!!! / Allysin Chaynes

hosted/moderated by Andrew Johnston