Zero Hour Improv

Date: Thursday November 1st 2018
Time: 8:00pm - 9:30pm

Welcome to Zero Hour Improv, the show with the most improv at the best price!

Zero Hour is 90 mins of pure comedy. It features 10 of the best improv troupes in Toronto on a non stop roller coaster of Improv. It's a show where anything can happen and probably will. Come join in on the action!


RUN V.A.G: (Julia Haist, Rose-Ingrid Gracia, Jessica Johnston, Natalie Sem and Tammi Freeman)

Waterbed: (Vance Gillis and Alex Brown)

Knifey Spooney: (Madison Haste, Marquise Amy,Simone Kitchen, Michael van Dinther, Christian Fernandez, Christian Masten, Josh Chau, Aaron Heels, Roger Saylor and Jonathan Sohn)

Galentines: (Ren?e Strasfeld and Alex Bondesen)

Dusty Walnuts: (Aditi Raina, Cihang Ma, Aaron Heels, George Kiriakopulos and Cathy Clarke)

Casual Hands: (Emily Bilton and D.j. Mausner)

Wine Champions: (Laura Stricker, Cobi Moos, Ryan Maksymic, Adeela Ahmad, Gill Manchee, Karleena Kelly, Brett Cherniak, Bradley Bandit Brooks and Rebecca Cohen)

Those Two Gals: (Michelle Jedrzejewski and Connie Manfredi)

Throwing Tiaras: (Linda Taillon, Cydney Connell, Grace Smith, Chanelle Berlingeri and Miri Rain)

Thirst Trap: (Rhys Naylor and Cydney Connell)

Hosted by Tyler Morgan