Rad Dads

Date: Thursday December 6th 2018
Time: 8:00pm - 9:30pm

After tearing up the 2018 Just For Laughs festival and blazing a trail through the east coast, the RAD DADS (Walter Lyng and Reese Turner) are squeezing in one more show before the end of the year in beautiful Toronto.

Through a cruel/amazing twist of fate, Walter and Reese became new dads at the same time last year and now they've traded in all their vices for Father of the Year mugs. Just kidding. The vices are all still there but the mugs look great too.

Joining Walter and Reese on this evening will be fellow rad dad Chris Robinson as well as rad MOM Martha O'Neil and maybe another surprise act or two. Rejoice! Xmas has come early to Toronto! The RAD DADS are coming to town!

Chris Robinson
Martha O'Neil
Walter Lyng
Reese Turner

Doors: 7:30
Show time: 8:00

cost: $15