Big City Improv Festival (BCIF)

Date: Thursday November 22nd 2018
Time: 8:00pm - 9:30pm

Big City Improv Fest presents:

Andy Assaf and Dimitri Kyres mashup high concept storylines to improvise the obscure works of the great recluse and absolutely real author Frank J. Mythic using slideshows that they themselves have never seen before to inspire the setting of their scenes. Horror, mystery and intrigue await you and will leave you horrified, mystified and... intrigued.
Directed by: Marc Rowland

Amy Shostak and Tom Hill are a Vancouver improv duo who derive a near unreasonable amount of joy from playing with and for audiences. Tom is one-half of the Canadian Comedy Award-Nominated Hip.Bang! Amy is a former Artistic Director of Rapid Fire Theatre and half of world-touring duo R? Power. At Big City Improv Festival, they will be performing their signature form GRAFT, which is inspired by the horticultural technique whereby tissues of plants are joined and grow together.

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Big City Improv Festival (BCIF) is Canada's largest improv showcase! This year, the festival takes place from November 16th to 24th in Toronto's top improv comedy venues and features some of the best improvisers from across North America. In addition to hilarious shows, there are public workshops and industry panels