Big City Improv Festival (BCIF)

Date: Thursday November 22nd 2018
Time: 8:00pm - 9:30pm

Big City Improv Fest presents:

See what happens when New Jersey's best singer-songwriter, Cat London, and New Jersey's worst stand-up comedian, Vegas Lancaster, join forces for the coolest impromptu musical experience of your life. Cat and Vegas and the Temple of Boom is a snazzy improvisational songwriting duo, performing on-the-spot piano and guitar-driven songs inspired by live-audience prompts. Are you ready to soft rock?

After performing to sold out crowds in the Edinburgh Fringe, Second City veterans Jordan Armstrong and Kevin Matviw return to BCIF with their own brand of quick-witted and catchy musical improv. "...Saturday Night Live Worthy" (Globe and Mail). "Our Bellies hurt from laughing" (Comedy Central UK). "Poetic & melodic arrowheads fleck'd with the Flight of the Conchords" ⭑⭑⭑⭑ (Mumble Comedy).

Watch out Topanga! Get out of the way Shawn! Move it Mr. Feeney! cause here comes Corey Matthews! These three Toronto improvisers and Boy Meets World fans are coming at you with their vast knowledge of pop-culture, scenes and trivia to bring Improv that will hit you like growing up in the 90's. As Shawn Hunter would say "I don't have a family!"

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Big City Improv Festival (BCIF) is Canada's largest improv showcase! This year, the festival takes place from November 16th to 24th in Toronto's top improv comedy venues and features some of the best improvisers from across North America. In addition to hilarious shows, there are public workshops and industry panels