Big City Improv Festival (BCIF)

Date: Saturday November 24th 2018
Time: 8:00pm - 9:30pm

Big City Improv Fest presents:

Carolyne Das and Michael Mongiardi are a real couple who expose the details of their relationship for your amusement! They will improvise scenes from their relationship, but with a twist ... they play EACH OTHER. Everything is revealed and nothing is held back! This unique form brought them to the finals at the World's Biggest Improv Tournament in 2016 and 2017, and hey, it's cheaper than couples therapy!

After This, We're Going To Tokyo is David Kaufman, Dale Bernier and Vance Gillis, a trio of bozos who use the monoscene form to play a steady stream of loveable dummies, jerks and weirdos. Members of the troupe have performed at festivals in Toronto, New York, Hartford, Ottawa, Montreal, Halifax, Vancouver and more and in 2017 they collectively won Montreal's four month-long Threepio competition, a round-robin tournament decided by audience voting. .

Things are going to get emotional when Abra Cadaver hits the stage. Watch as they introduce an instantly unforgettable cast of never before seen characters. Gasp as those same characters meet and interact in ways no one could have predicted. Weep as things come to a joyous climax that leaves everyone satisfied and no loose ends. Or maybe they'll just start singing (not a threat)

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Big City Improv Festival (BCIF) is Canada's largest improv showcase! This year, the festival takes place from November 16th to 24th in Toronto's top improv comedy venues and features some of the best improvisers from across North America. In addition to hilarious shows, there are public workshops and industry panels