Big City Improv Festival (BCIF)

Date: Saturday November 17th 2018
Time: 9:30pm - 11:00pm

Big City Improv Fest presents:

Listen, Stupid hails from the mean streets of Detroit. Well, actually the nicely paved streets of the suburbs, but they still bring the city's hustle and honesty to every show. Nuverre Naami and Tom Novik have been performing together since 2013 and are often asked by audiences how long they've been best friends. It's sweet and a little awkward, but speaks to their strong connection on stage. They've performed in shows, events, and festivals across the US and Canada. This duo loves to play all kinds of characters while patiently exploring and showcasing everyday relationships and encounters.

Aspiring parents Dani Alon and Chris Hannay celebrate the secret lives of the people who raised you, inspired by the real story of an audience volunteer. Dani and Chris are founders of the Improv Embassy in Ottawa, Canada, and have performed in just about any kind of improv show you can think of.

Marlon Rando is one sexy daddy of an improv team boasting high energy long form improv with a deep focus on crazy situations and characters. We're gonna give you an improv set you can't refuse!

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Big City Improv Festival (BCIF) is Canada's largest improv showcase! This year, the festival takes place from November 16th to 24th in Toronto's top improv comedy venues and features some of the best improvisers from across North America. In addition to hilarious shows, there are public workshops and industry panels