Bad Dog: Filthy

Date: Saturday December 14th 2013
Time: 10:00pm - 11:00pm

The (Very) Bad Dog Theatre Company presents: FILTHY: THE NO RULES IMPROV CABARET - a deliciously crass display of racy unscripted comedy.

In one hour, can four of Toronto?s most foul-mouthed, dysfunctionally deviant comedians turn one wholesome, good-natured improviser to the dark side?

Featuring an all-star cast of improvisers including JAN CARUANA (Monkey Toast, Sass and the City, Show Stopping Number), MATT FOLLIOTT (Strip Comedy, Standards + Practices),ASHLEY BOTTING (Second City Alumni, Punch in the Box), and ROB NORMAN (MANTOWN, Battleawesome Awesomestar).With musical accompanist JAY McCARROL (Second City).

Tickets $10 (or just $5 with admission to Theatresports at 8pm)

416.551.6540 for reservations

Strictly 18+ ? certain to offend