Date: Tuesday December 3rd 2013
Time: 7:00pm - 9:00pm

Bad Dog Academy Tuesdays are teaming up with Comedy Bar to bring you TACO TUESDAY... AGAIN!!

First Tuesday of each month....

Equal parts:
- drop-in class
- improv shop talk/love-in
- workshop performance (of the class project)
- taco buffet

(Okay... maybe the parts aren't exactly equal... one of them is a TACO BUFFET!!!!)

Come hang out, eat a bunch, laugh a lot, watch a little, play as much as you feel like... there'll be Bad Dog faculty, grizzled improv vets, fresh-faced n00bs and everything in between - all playing together (maybe even some honest-to-goodness civilians... but really - Taco Tuesday is not for them so much as it is for geeking out about improv) (and stuffing our faces with tacos).

JUST $10.

(...and for an extra $2, stay and play some more at Wheel of Improv!! BANANAS.)