Dancing With Comedians

Date: Thursday January 3rd 2019
Time: 10:00pm - 11:30pm


Inessa and Sarah are back for one night with the best dancing show ever!

Do you like competitive dance? Trained judges? SKILLED DANCERS?

Come to this show and see a bunch of comedians do their best impressions of all these things!

We've brought our wonderful team of judges back together with an incredible lineup of competitors!

So come on out and see everyone try and make their way through some very difficult moves!

Your hosts
Sarah Hillier and Inessa Annie Frantowski

You Judges
Andy Hull
Ann Pornel
Glenn Macaulay

Your Competitors
Gillian Bartolucci and Freddie Rivas
Laura Cilevitz and Kris Siddiqi
Erica Gellert and Tom Hearn