Double Take

Date: Wednesday January 16th 2019
Time: 9:30pm - 11:00pm

Comedian Luke Lynndale presents an evening of hilarious comedy. There
will be standups and improvisors taking on challenges that guarantee
to make their set ridiculous.

The challenges they face will be -
o two standups delivering their set at the same time.
o two standups going joke for joke.
o improvisor duos mocking each other.

o Al Val
o Abbas Wahab
o Anna O'Leary
o Edworld B. Kim
o Hisham Kelati
o Joe Botelho
o Laurie Murphy
o Elizabeth Wanless
o Sarah Ashby
o Meredith Mullen
o Michelle Coburn
o Wes McClintock
o Usman Muhammad

And your host Luke Lynndale.


Producer: Comedy Nuggets
Poster by: Luke Lynndale