Zero Hour Improv All Stars

Date: Friday February 1st 2019
Time: 10:30pm - 12:00am

Women Fully Clothed: (Robin Duke, Kathy Greendwood, Jayne Eastwood and Teresa Pavlinek!)

Ulysses Jess Grant: (Bridget Cann, Alison Haines, Kate Fenton, Charlene Roth, Brody Trottier and Jason Voulgaris!)

Chap Shitck: (Marc Hallworth and Michael Kellett!)

Three Speed: (Lance Byrd, John Beauchemin and Taylor Davis!)

Hey! Tomato:(Azer Karadag, Roger Saylor, Amelia Rose Ritthaler, Julana Bender, Marcus Colby and Zach Sommers!)

Scam Algie: ( Christopher Seeney, Marko Bezic;, Grace Smith, Melissa Gerskup, Emma Decorte, Rhys Naylor and Mark Heeney!)

Trophy Husbands: (Mike Mildon and Jackson Rowe!)

Hilary Duff Fan Club: (Sam Hancock, Emma Decorte, Meredith Mullen, Carley Thorne and Veronika Slowikowska!)

Velvet Wells SOLO!

Hosted by Tyler Morgan

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Cost per Ticket:  $10.00