Blast From The Past

Date: Saturday March 23rd 2019
Time: 7:00pm - 8:30pm

March 23 is National Puppy Day and we're ready to celebrate one of the cutest creatures on earth (even when they pee all over everything). It doesn't matter the breed or gender, all puppies (and dogs) are perfect.

This month's show is even more special, we're raising money for DOGS! ALL TICKET SALES will go directly to local charity Redemption Paws. This amazing volunteer-based registered charitable organization helps dogs out of areas affected by climate change and disaster situations. Every dog deserves a home.


Blast From the Past is a Comedy Show inspired by childhood show-and-tell (except now we're all grown up). We invite people to join us on stage to SHOW real items from their past and TELL us all about them. Each of these real-life childhood memories are then reimagined into a unique and fully customized improv set by some of Toronto's best comedians. What a nostalgic treat!

Our pet loving "Show and Tellers" for the night:
Emily Schooley
Sharilyn Johnson

With our "Cast From The Past"
Ce De
John Richardson
Quentin Matheson
Andrew Bushell
... and more to come!

What do our show-and-tellers share each month and how can you be a part of the fun?
Any item from the past they've held on to for all these years. Anything from diary entries to tattered teddy bears to creative projects which adorned the fridge. Sound like something you still have? We'd love to have you share your past at a future show, let's talk! :)

Saturday March 23 at 7pm
Comedy Bar (Cabaret Theatre)

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