56 Minutes

Date: Sunday February 24th 2019
Time: 7:00pm - 8:30pm

YYour favorite wacky show gets wackier and sketchier this month. For the first time in 56 minutes history, we have two sketch performers. Toronto sketchfest's favorite and legends, Jon Blair and Carson Pinch make their 56 Minutes debut. But... guss what, We have even more. The most wacky and hilarious Sam Burns is our host this month as well as funny and witty Joel Buxton, Dan Curtis Thompson, Meg Mackay (Wacky!!) Anna Menzies and Rebeca Reeds. The wacky founder, Andie Hong will watch the show and greet every single audience member and oh yes, she will respond to everything comics say.

Hosted by Sam Burns

With :
Jon Blair
Joel Buxton
Dan Curtis Thompson
Meg MacKay
Anna Menzies
Carson Pinch
Rebecca Reeds