Zero Hour Improv

Date: Tuesday March 12th 2019
Time: 8:00pm - 9:30pm

Welcome to Zero Hour Improv, the show with the most improv at the best price!

Zero Hour is 60 mins of pure comedy. It features the best improv troupes in Toronto on a non stop roller coaster of Improv. It's a show where anything can happen and probably will. Come join in on the action!


Good Morning Apocalypse: ( Bryan Piitz, Deanna Palazzo Dalzell, James Dalzell and Kristen Keller!)

Uber and Klonk: (Meredith Mullen and Carley Thorne!)

Grieve Buscemi: ( Jackson Rowe, Dani Stover, Karleena Kelly, Rob Michaels, Craig Scorgie, Simon Owens. Claire Ess, Michael D'Angelo and Isaac Luy!)

Whisky Kids: (Clare Blackwood and Ryan Hughes)

Shots Fired: ( Brett Payette, Christopher Seeney, Escobar Sarralde, Jackson Rowe, Jason Voulgaris and Mike Mildon)

Hosted by Tyler Morgan

Tickets $10