Emotional First Aid with Deepak Kashyap WORKSHOP

Date: Saturday April 13th 2019
Time: 4:00pm - 6:00pm

From the creator of Queer and Present Danger (Canada's Touring LGBTQ Comedy Showcase) comes a workshop for queer comedians!

As a comedian you give so much of yourself on stage. It can be physically and emotionally grueling. But we often forget to take care of ourselves. When it comes to a physical injury we know exactly what to do, but have very little idea about what kind of first aid is required to address emotional injuries. This 2 hour workshop is geared towards queer comedians and focuses on sharing key skills for emotional care, how to avoid hurting yourself further and how to take care of friends. This workshop includes lived experiences from queer people for queer comedians.

$25. (includes HST)


DEEPAK KASHYAN is a south Asian (Indian) immigrant, Masters graduate student from the University of Bristol, emotional wellness counselor, and trained yoga and mindfulness coach. He trained at the Albert Ellis Institute in New York and attended the MBCT summer school program at the Oxford Mindfulness Centre at the University of Oxford, England. He conducted workshops in Dubai, the US, the UK, India and Canada. He is a published columnist in national newspapers and magazines, and writes about issues related to sex, mental health, relationships, and emotional disturbances.