And A Scotch Egg

Date: Sunday June 2nd 2019
Time: 7:00pm - 8:30pm

And a Scotch Egg is everything you love about British panel shows, brought to you live on stage at Comedy Bar!

Each show our two hilarious teams of comedians face off in a series of quizzes, games, and challenges to see who has the right combination of wit and wisdom to win the competition--and with it the people's ovation and fame forever!

Our theme for June 2 is Geek Garbage! That's comics, anime, video games, and everything else in the wide world of fandom!

Team Marvel: Mike Payne (captain) with special guests Will Noye and Chris Locke.

Team Manga: Peter Fraser (captain) with special guests Sarah Ashby and Joel Buxton.

Hosted by Dan Donnelly.