Evening of Dynamic Duos - by Ladies & Gentlemen

Date: Wednesday September 11th 2019
Time: 9:30pm - 11:00pm

WE LOVE DUOS! Laurel and Hardy! Troy and Abed! Kitchener and Waterloo! And this Wednesday is no exception! Some of world's greatest comedy emerged from the double-act; it allows for play, silliness, steamrolling, nonsense and displays of real-time friendship in a show business setting. We invite you to join us and come share in the time-honoured tradition of the Dynamic Duo, for this Wednesday there is no 'I' in team!

Big Time Duos for this show include:
Uber and Klonk (Meredith Mullen and Carley Thorne)
The Two Maniscalcos (Sam Burns and Tanner Sibley)
Wednesday Atoms (Amy Cunningham and Chris Sandiford)
Coko & Daphney (Coko Galore and Daphney Jo)
Speedboiz TM (Jacob Greco and Paul Naiman)

Hosting the darn thing is Ladies & Gentlemen (Daniel Carin and Chris Sandiford) a super group from Montreal that are lovingly nothing without each other!

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