Bad Dog presents: Provocateur

Date: Wednesday November 27th 2013
Time: 8:00pm - 9:30pm

A sexy improvised comedy full of double agents, clandestine operations and thick Russian accents, Provocateur is directed by Kirsten Rasmussen (Bad Dog Repertory Players, Rapidfire Theatre), features Alice Moran (Spank!), Roger Bainbridge (Rapp Battlez), Adam Cawley (The Second City), Conor Holler (Faking Bad), Dan Jeannotte (Uncalled For), Carmine Lucarelli (Dreadwood),Lindsay Mullan (Hogtown Empire), Briana Templeton(Templeton Philharmonic), Gavin Williams (Theatresports) and is produced by Liz Johnston (Whedonesque).

An epidemic has reduced North America to a tenth of its population. Both the Canadian and American governments are in ruin. The political realm is abuzz with rumours of a Soviet conspiracy. The world’s intelligence agencies scramble for intel as nervous nations teeter on the brink of all-out global conflict. Provocateur gives its audience a sly glimpse into the covert lives of international spies. Cold War. Warm Bodies...

$12 or $10 for students at the door