The Schmengies

Date: Tuesday November 26th 2013
Time: 8:00pm - 9:00pm


Hello ladies and gents,
Missed us?
No worries, we're back again to provide laughter to our masses of fans.
After a little hiatus, we are coming up on our 1-year anniversary show at the Comedy Bar, and we've brought along some friends.
Returning from their time up in cottage-country, we have improv troupe The Happy Campers. Individually they are Nate Callens and Zach Mealia.
Returning from the past, present and future simultaneously, we have improv troupe Flashback Rebound. Individually they are Paul Barnes, Lance Byrd, Nicole Callendar, Andy Fitch,and Allana Reoch.
And finally, returning from their tour of Europe, Scandinavia, and the Indian Subcontinent, the world renowned improv troupe, The Schmengies. Individually they are: Dwayne Mailman, Zach Mealia, Tracy Rowland, Abram Taylor, and Dwayne Wilson.
For the cost of doing your laundry, a mere $5 you`ll see these three fantastic troupes on one bill. So come on out.