Headphones & Headliners: Sensory Friendly Comedy

Date: Monday December 16th 2019
Time: 6:30pm - 8:00pm

"Headphones and Headliners" is the first ever sensory friendly/relaxed performance comedy show designed to make comedy more welcoming to audience members with autism spectrum disorder, sensory and communication sensitivities or a learning and/or developmental delays/disabilities or anyone who feels a more laid back approach to comedy is their comfort. Lighting and sound in the theatre will be adjusted so it is not as dark or as loud as usual, similarly to sensory friendly movie screenings.

All performing comics have all been specifically selected based on style and persona.
Their performances are non-abrasive, non-confrontational and their delivery is calm and pleasant. This show will not include crowd work

Lesley Martin
Dan Rosen
Borana Makri
Nour Hadidi
Amethyst Barron
Greg Houston - headlining
Bee Bertrand - host

Ticket price $8

Individual pays regular admission and the support person receives his or her admission free.

To purchase tickets online please scroll down.
To reserve tickets in advance to purchase at the door (cash only) please email boxoffice@comedybar.ca or call 416.551.6540
All support worker tickets will need to be reserved in advance.
If availability allows, tickets will also be available to purchase at the door (cash only)

A limit of 25 tickets are available.

Comedy Bar is a basement venue with 16 steps to the entrance. Washrooms are located on the main floor of the venue. The show will take place in our cabaret room on the west side of the building. You can find the room when you come down the front entrance stairs and go to the right side of the bar area. The room has adjustable lighting, round tables at the front of the room, long rectangular high tables in the back half of the room and as small riser/stage.

We will be hosting an Open Doors "Meet Your Seat" event on Wednesday October 9th from 10AM-12PM for those who wish to familiarize themselves with our space during quiet hours in advance of the event.

Comedy Bar is located at 945Bloor West between Ossington and Dovercourt on the south side. (directly across from the Delaware exit of the Ossington TTC)

All ticket holders will receive a detailed email with additional information and photos of the space no later than 10AM on November 17th (one week before the event)

If you require any further information or have any concerns or specific venue needs for the event please contact jen@comedybar.ca