Festival of New Formats - FREE

Date: Saturday January 4th 2020
Time: 8:00pm - 9:00pm

It's back baby! Come Watch all this hilarious insanity for FREE!

Full Schedule Announced (subject to change):

Thur. Jan. 2nd
8pm Victoria Kucher's Archer-y
9pm Meg MacKay's So You Think You Know Stuff
10pm Amethyst Barron's Cry If I Want To: A True Comedy Show
11pm Luke Lynndale Does Your Jokes

9:30pm Tommy Marshall's You're an Embarrassment

Fri. Jan. 3rd
7pm Andrea Marston Real Animals
8pm Weird Catch23
10pm Aidan O'Loughlin's Punchlines & Pianos
11pm Amy Bugg's Roomies

Sat. Jan. 4th

7pm Alex Kolanko's Please Do Not Laugh
8pm Becky Johnson's first set is an album recording.
9pm Lisa Feingold's Bad Powerpoints
10pm Kanin Kuntz's Walking Talking
11pm Alexander Brovedani's The Riff
midnight: Dan Galea's Band Practice

Sun Jan. 5th

7pm Amar Singh's Movie Magic
8pm Tara Henderson's One-Hour Special
9pm The Sketchersons weird SuNL