Feint of Hart

Date: Monday December 16th 2013
Time: 9:00pm - 11:00pm

Feint of Hart presents "Cock-up On St. Creskin's"

For one night only, the entirety of Comedy Bar will be transformed into Boyce Naval Academy, home of the beloved characters from the sold-out punk rock soap opera Henri Faberg?'s Feint of Hart!

Headmaster General Lorette invites you to join us for an open house of song, laughter and intrigue before you take your cadet sons away for a much needed holiday. Hopefully nothing untoward occurs during these very sensible proceedings...

written and performed by
Alex Tindal
Kayla Lorette
Miguel Rivas
Roger Bainbridge

Daniel Beirne
Thomas Rivas
Adam Niebergall
Kristian Bruun
Alexis Taylor
Brandon Hackett
Hannah Spear
Steve Boleantu

musical accompaniment by Robin Hatch
D. Alex Meeks
Adam Hindle
Robert Drisdelle

PWYC - suggested $10