Starwipe Improv

Date: Friday January 17th 2014
Time: 10:00pm - 11:00pm

An incredible improv comedy show right here in Toronto!

Do you ever think to yourself, I wish there was something that would totally blow my mind at an unreasonably low price?

Are you someone who appreciates that shampoo companies still put instructions on bottles?

Do you think that 'flange' is as easy to spell as it is funny?

Are you breathing air right now?

Then you're a totally perfect candidate to enjoy a quality night of Improv comedy.

Performed by the talented Starwipe Comedy, who have been touring London and Toronto since 2008, "Blunderbusses! And other such things." is guaranteed to be very entertaining!

You'll be thinking about this evening for like 1000 years! And one hour!

Take a risk. Ask out that girl you've always liked. Get her to come visit our show. Compared to the goons you'll see on stage--- you'll look like a superstar.

Or take her to a Chris Evans film and get dumped for not being perfect.

Your choice, punk.