Moist Theatre

Date: Thursday March 20th 2014
Time: 8:00pm - 9:30pm

When humankind first took to the stars, it was a momentous occasion. The new galaxies, planets, and sentient life-forms discovered were only some of the wonders encountered by a select few. In this day and age, with interstellar travel so commonplace and accessible, anyone with a mind to explore the fringes of charted space can embark on their own adventure.

The members of Moist Theatre always seem to find themselves on the front lines of intergalactic exploration and first encounters, where they spontaneously solve the mysteries of the universe in their own hilariously unique ways.

We invite you to join Moist Theatre as they deploy themselves to the farthest reaches of our imagination, in an evening of ridiculous and improvised Intergalactic adventures.

$8.75 + service fee

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