Moist Theatre

Date: Saturday May 31st 2014
Time: 7:00pm - 8:00pm

In ye olde times, when fire was the only light source, when you could behead a neighbour on a whim, and when indoor plumbing was only a wish on the lips of feudal custodians, few sought to rise above their station and become whatever their imagination could create. Moist Theatre numbers amongst these few, and in the darkest of ages, they seek to make the most out of their medieval lot in life and seize the improvised hilarity that is rightfully theirs.

Join Moist Theatre this month for a hilarious and medieval evening in one of the most dangerous times man has known: The Dark Ages.

Our show is Saturday, May 31st, at 7 PM!

Comedy Bar, 945 Bloor St W, Toronto!

Tickets will be sold at the door, only $10! Or you can buy your tickets in advance online below!

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