Whedonesque - Firefly

Date: Saturday July 5th 2014
Time: 9:00pm - 10:00pm

Whedonesque: Firefly Improvised is the latest improv comedy show from Director/Producer Darryl Pring, creator of Dr. Whom: Improvised Adventures in Time and Space, and Troubadour: Competitive Musical Improv, both of which were nominated for Canadian Comedy
Awards, and Naughtyham: an Improvised Robin Hood Tale ("Pring kept a tight reign on the narrative's arc, resulting in a comic bull's-eye? - NOW Magazine).

Whedonesque: Firefly Improvised is an improvised re-imagining of Joss Whedon's beloved futuristic space Western series, Firefly. Set in 2517, the cult Fox TV series followed the adventures of a rundown starship called Serenity, and its renegade crew, "nine people looking
into the blackness of space and seeing nine different things.?

Pring has assembled some of the country's most talented improvisers to bring Whedon's beloved characters to life onstage for a shiny night of comedy and fandom.

The incredible cast includes Rob Norman (Mantown), Lisa Merchant (Train 48), Tom MacKay (Doctor Whom), Sean Tabares (D&D Live), Nigel Downer (Second City), Jan Caruana (Mean Girls, Bonspiel), Jess Bryson (Bad Dog Rep Players), Chris Gibbs (Antoine Feval), and Kayla Lorette (That's So Weird!, The Sufferettes).

After a sold-out run last August and a holiday-themed show this past December, Whedonesque: Firefly Improvised will entertain Whedon diehards and Firefly newcomers alike. "I found myself laughing my drink out of my nose....If you know the original, you'll get a lot more out of it, but with Pring's great cast and eye for narrative structure...my (newcomer) friend laughed consistently through the whole thing.? - Mooney on Theatre

Whedonesque: Firefly Improvised is based on a narrative structure taken from some of the series' best episodes, and then filled out with suggestions from the audience. The improvisers embody beloved characters while creating unexpected relationships and new storylines.
Fox may have cancelled the cult series, but "you can't take the sky from me.?

Whedonesque: Firefly Improvised. Saturday July 5, 9pm, Comedy Bar.
Make reservations: boxoffice@comedybar.ca | 416 551 6540
For interviews and press inquiries: Darryl.Pring@gmail.com | 416 574 7951

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