Wheel of Improv

Date: Tuesday January 6th 2015
Time: 9:30pm - 10:30pm

IMPROV. $5. Weekly on Tuesdays at 930. Hosted by Natasha Boomer! Spin the improv wheel and create a scene! Audience participation encouraged/required.
Yes you read right, this Tuesday is Wheel of Improv's 6th Birthday. Before you even knew what Improv was, Wheel was laying the foundation for the very community you play in, meet friends in, have weird one night stands in and fall in love forever in. YOUR WELCOME! Wheel isn't saying that she did is all alone, at all, people where there. IS it weird that I am referring to myself AS Wheel right now.

Come celebrate, with cake, there will be no forks, so bring some hand sanitizer, and I dont want to hear about it. With special guest Rob Norman and Colin Mochrie.

Tickets are $10 This week, you know because of all the cake..... And if you want a chance to play come early to put your name in the bucket. Bucket closes at 930PM SHARPE.