Date: Wednesday January 7th 2015
Time: 8:00pm - 9:00pm

That's right! Troubadour - Competitive MUSICAL Improv is back and this time someone from the audience will compete to become the next Troubadour.

4 members of the audience will be chosen to compete in a ol' fashioned HOEDOWN, and the winner of that will join the immensely talented cast of TROUBADOUR!!!

What is Troubadour you ask? It's a Canadian Comedy Award nominated show where four people sing improvised songs based on suggestions from the audience. Then, based on those songs, improvised scenes are created. Once all 4 songs/scenes are complete, the audience votes for which 3 storylines continue, until we're down to 1 final song and scene and that person is crowned THE TROUBADOUR!!!

Sound fun? That's because it is!

Every Wednesday in January at 8pm at COMEDY BAR
Created and hosted by Darryl Pring!
$5 for students of improv...or anything else, really.