Date: Tuesday February 3rd 2015
Time: 8:00pm - 9:00pm

IMPROV. $10.

Cagematch is returning in 2015 with two subtle differences.

1. It is now on Tuesdays
2. It has three teams, and one of them is made up of veteran improvisers mixed with anyone willing to put their name in the lottery(2 players drawn each week)

So that means not only is it a hilarious show with many performers fighting for your love, but it is also an excellent opportunity for improvisors to show everyone how well they can run with the big cats.

As usual the team that wins returns the next week to defend their title(this includes the mixer team)

This week we have:

Returning Champs:
Bob Banks and Kris Siddiqi

Challenging team:
Ted Hallett and Mart Folliott

Mixer team:
Adam Cawley, Adrianne Gagnon, and Maybe YOU?