Date: Wednesday February 24th 2016
Time: 8:00pm - 9:00pm

That's right! The Chamber of Secrets is about to recieve it's very own improvised insipred show. We'll get into all kinds of antics exploring Harry's second year at Hogwarts.

Sam Roulston as Harry Potter
Spencer Thompson as Ron Weasley
Emily Richardson as Hermione Granger
Carolyne Das as Ginny Weasley
Michelle Laplante as Neville Longbottom/ Moaning Myrtle
Candace Meeks as Draco Malfoy
Devon Henderson as Fred weasley/ Crabbe
Jacqueline Twomey as George Weasley/ Goyle
Beth Dunn as McGonagle/ Pansy Parkinson
Tyler Morgan as Hagrid
Velvet Wells as Dumbledore
Ted Hambly as Gilderoy Lockhart
Paul Barnes as Severus Snape

Hosted by Jason Ox
Prizes to be won! ( trivia trivia trivia!)
prepare to believe in Magic.