Double Oh

Date: Saturday February 6th 2016
Time: 7:00pm - 8:00pm

Show THEN dinner? That sounds like my kinda night out! Join us on a very special Saturday with Double Oh & Friends, then grab a pint or a Martini with us after the show.

Our Friends are...

L'il RasGal ? Susannah Kiernan & Chelsea Larkin


Ms. Lara Johnson

Double Oh is a James Bond themed comedy show like no other! Join a critically acclaimed cast of improvisers as they take you to exotic locations and introduce you to the world's most sexy and dangerous characters.

Steve Hobbs (Everything is Fine!)
Hayley Kellett (The Making-Box)
Chris Leveille (Darcy & Bingley, Dame Judy Dench)
Flick Penman (Man&Son)
John Richardson (The Nice Guys, Jibber Jabbar)

Saturday, February 6th - 7pm
Comedy Bar