The Dan Galea Awards

Date: Friday May 12th 2017
Time: 10:30pm - 12:00am


THE DAN GALEA AWARDS is an awards show like no other. No Losers. Only winners. Over 700 awards. 700 less awards than last year. All money goes to the Riverdal Housing Action Group and The Riverdale Housing Animation Group.

You can donate money before the show here:

The show will be on May 12th 2017 at 11pm at Comedy Bar after Catch 23.

The show will feature some of Canada's favourite comedy and music personalities.


This year features:

Pat Thornton, Matt King, Danny Polishchuck, Gary Rideout Jr, James Harnett, Aaron Eves, Evany Rosen, Steph Kaliner, Marty Topps, Miguel Rivas, Thomas Rivas, Freddie Rivas, Rodrigo Fernandez Stoll, Kris Siddiqi, Laura Cilevitz, Gavin Crawford, Hannan Younis, Bryn Pottie, Nick Di Gaetano, Daryn McIntyre, Kevin Mendes, Phil Luzi, Sandra Battaglini, Matt Folliott, Dawn Whitwell and many more!

Here is what the Riverdale Housing Action/Animation Groups are all about.

Riverdale Housing Action Group (RHAG) is a community-based non-profit housing provider, established in 1986, to ensure safe, permanent and rent-geared-to income housing for the most vulnerable in our community. Focus is on women and single parent families who are leaving the shelter system.

Riverdale Housing Animation Programs (RHAP), the charitable arm of RHAG, was created in 1997 to further address the needs of women, children, youth and children in the RHAG and larger Toronto East communities. RHAP's goal is to ensure members are able to participate, develop and grow within their community through making available a range of support programs. These are free-of-charge connection services and supports aimed to address the gap between rich and poor, to break the cycle of poverty and violence, as well as to help tenants live independently and maintain housing. Educational opportunities and social, recreational and creative programs for RHAG members and their children are provided in a safe and healthy environment. The focus is to provide opportunities for cooperation, inclusion, participation and exploration, individual growth, the development of positive friendships and strong family relationships. Many of RHAP's families live below the poverty line and would not have access to many opportunities without the support of RHAP Programming. Thanks to the support of our community we are able to provide a range of programs and services including a monthly Women's Group, Young Men's Group, March Break Camp, Summer Camp, Halloween, and Holiday Party. Donations from our community have allowed for low income children to gain access to events such as the CNE, canoeing, Blue Jays Games, Laser Quest, a camping weekend and so much more!