Felt Fiction

Date: Tuesday August 8th 2017
Time: 10:00pm - 11:30pm

Felt Fiction

The show you never knew existed is the show you NEED to see. Or we will execute every m*%#er f@*#ing last one of you!!! Kidding!
The Pulp Fiction Motion Picture Soundtrack...performed by puppets.

Pulp Fiction was a groundbreaking indie film in the 90's.
It's soundtrack was on the hottest of the decade.
And now this comedy show pays tribute to both and is destined to be something people talk about like the first time they saw Uma Thurman get an adrenaline shit to the heart!

We got puppets, we got stand up, we got prizes!

Puppets and/or stand up by:
Bobby Knauff
Hunter Collins
Morgan Joy
Sarah Ashby
Sara Starkman
Rachel Matheson
Isaac Towel
With Emma-Jean Flynn as "The Gimp"
And your BIRTHDAY BOY (it's his actual birthday this night!!)
Andrew Barr!

We will also be having the "famous Jack
Rabbit Slim's twist contest" for a chance to win Pulp Fiction themed prizes, including a framed Pulp Fiction poster valued at 50 bones!!!
Now don't be a square and come on out.
$5 if you come in a Pulp Fiction character costume.