Katharine Ferns is in Stitches

Date: Saturday October 7th 2017
Time: 7:30pm - 9:00pm

Katharine Ferns is in Stitches

"It is a pitch perfect performance and a beautifully-written, perfectly-paced comedy script. Absolutely wonderfully done. A perfect Fringe show. Laughs. Tears. Jaw-dropping. It deserves a (formerly-known-as) Perrier Award" John Fleming

"Brutally honest from the start, this show just goes to prove you can make comedy out of tragedy...moving, witty and sincere." **** North West End

Brutally funny and unflinchingly honest, "In Stitches" is the latest Fringe hit from comedian Katharine Ferns (MTV, ichannel). Using comedy for catharsis, "In Stitches" takes audiences through the visible and invisible scars of surviving mental illness, domestic violence, and drug addiction ? with some feminism thrown in for comic relief. Based on true events from her own life, the story begins on April 21, 2016 ? the day Prince passed away and Katharine ended up in stitches (literally).

Through personal insights and a lot of laughs, Katharine's acclaimed solo show leaves her audiences in stitches (figuratively). Ferns says, "This is the most honest comedy show I have written. Violence and mental health are issues we don't talk about enough, and through comedy I am able to talk about my experiences in way that is empowering but also honest. Since performing this show in the UK, I have received so many messages from fellow survivors and people that want to be advocates for change in how we deal with domestic violence in society. These inspiring audience reactions propel me to keep telling my story and hopefully it helps others talk about their own experiences too."

Following her critically-acclaimed performance at the Greater Manchester Fringe, "In Stitches" was part of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival August 3-27 and then the Vancouver Fringe Festival Mainstage September 7-17. After the Fringe circuit, Katharine takes "In Stitches" to the small town where the events from her show actually happened. Ferns adds, "In a sense, I'm returning to the scene of the crime to tell my story and reveal the truth of what happened to me there that I hid from everyone for so long." The final performance in Canada will be at the Comedy Bar in Toronto on October 7th, 2017.

Audience Reviews:

"The most incredible comedy performance I've ever seen." (Phil J. as quoted on BBC Radio 2)

"The most important and needed comedy show I've ever seen. Brilliant, hilarious, brave, poignant. I was in stitches the whole time -- crying at times from laughter and at times from the gut wrenching honesty of her confessional storytelling. It was a treat. Not to be missed." (Tara P.)

"Sad, uplifting, courageous, funny, horrific, mind blowing! Unforgettable brilliance!" (Corin J.)

"An incredible story that will make you laugh when you probably want to cry! This woman is amazing!" (Mariana D.)

"I was expecting normal stand-up comedy not a deep thought provoking, funny, sad story of courage" (Jason S.)

"Compelling hour of honest, gutsy and funny stand-up" (Andy K.)

"Dark and funny and pretty bloody powerful. I wouldn't usually say any show was 'must see' but Jesus, this. Absolutely this. The show will hit you like a brick. But one with brilliant jokes written on it." (Adam F.)

"Brilliant, honest, emotional AND funny. See Katharine Ferns wherever/whenever you can" (Rachel W.)

"The most revealing and personal comedy show I've ever attended. Both brutal and brutally funny at the same time." (Antony J.)

"Absolutely brilliant, inspiring, heartbreaking and outrageously funny show." (Mark P.)

"Delightful Katharine Ferns delivers a series of serious messages in her standup show, finding way to make real and tragic events funny." (David C.)

"Harrowing, hilarious, this lady has stories you all need to hear." (Sean C.)

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