SOLD OUT - Andy Zaltzman - Plan Z

Date: Wednesday October 25th 2017
Time: 8:00pm - 9:30pm

UK favorite Andy Zaltzman returns to Toronto with a whole new hit show: Plan Z - Comedy Of Last Resort For A Badly-behaved Planet

Devotedly loopy... lacerating wit... political satire at its most enjoyable. Four Stars. - The Times
Fiendishly sharp satirist - Evening Standard
A master satirist - Time Out
Political comedy at its best - Sunday Times

$25 + HST

Comedy Of Last Resort For A Badly-behaved Planet
Look at this planet. Plans A to Y have all failed. NOW IS THE TIME FOR PLAN Z.
Andy Zaltzman ? 50% component of global hit satirical podcast The Bugle, Now Show irregular, Test Match Special cricketo-statisti-quipster, and lynchpin of the arch-rival BBC 5 Live shows 7 Day Saturday and 7 Day Sunday ? embarks on a new tour to unveil Plan Z, a long-overdue solution to all the world's problems.
In a world riven by the squawk and counter-squawk of contemporary politics and media, at a time when technology is sprinting into the future whilst democracy stroppily handbrake-turns back to the past, alleged comedian Zaltzman will fix everything. Give or take. In the spirit of the times, Zaltzman's Plan Z solution is guaranteed to be fully uncosted and logistically unworkable.
Plan Z will feature Zaltzman's trademark cocktail of inventive political satire and outright fact-skewing nonsense. It will also showcase the highest-possible tech from the high-tech world of high technology, including the Equivocax SubtExtricator 5000P (the world's leading hidden message interpreter), the Prognoscitech Soothblaster 3.8 (the solar system's leading 5G-WiFi-enabled crystal ball), and the DemocratEeeZee SPG-x (the universe's leading subliminal policy generator).