Zero Hour Improv Jam - It's Christmas! 2017

Date: Wednesday December 6th 2017
Time: 9:30pm - 11:00pm

Zero Hour Improv Jam - It's Christmas! 2017

Welcome to Zero Hour where anything can happen!

Zero Hour is celebrating Christmas and you're on the nice list! Come and enjoy the festive improvisation from some of the best troupes in Toronto!.

If you want to perform onstage just put your name in the bucket and you're in, new improvisors welcome!

This special show will also have a musical opening, special guests and even Santa might show up but only if you're good!


Erotic Friend Fiction: (Jimmer Lowe, Jessalyn Ferguson, Jonathan Shabooand Lauren Griffiths)

Persons: ( Ashley Seaman, Chelsea Larkin, Candace Meeks, Emily Richardson, Kyah Green, Martha St and MK Morris)

The Bayside Tigers: ( Antony Hall, Chris Middleton, Claire Ess, Darby Jane,Devon Henderson, Jackie Twomey, Kaleb Belak, Michael Mongiardi, Marlon Peters and Rebecca Payne)

Micheal Ceratops: ( Justin D'Angelo, Charlene Roth, Bridget Cann, Anthony Tran, Griffin Toplitsky, Chris Middleton (again!), Maya Cieszynska, Braden Banks, Arun Kirupa, Saad Khan and Brian Edwards)

Hosted by Tyler Morgan

Tickets $10