Becky's 32nd Birthday Comedy Show

Date: Wednesday February 14th 2018
Time: 9:30pm - 11:00pm

Back in 2010, Ms Johnson decided to celebrate her 40th birthday figuring that it might be best to bank her 32nd birthday for later. Surprisingly, she survived long enough to complete this plan. Now, here we are at 32.

Please come mark this milestone birthday by watching a little collection of her favourite performers do funny and/or beautiful things in way that will just be a nice show.

Mark Andrada
Leigh Cameron
Jamie Cavanagh
James Hartnett
Tom Henry
Kayla Lorette
Ron Pederson
Evany Rosen
Pat Thornton
& more!

Use this page to also follow a full day of pre-show primping thanks to a bunch of her wonderful friends.

PWYC. All proceeds to support Sistering, a nearby centre that supports homeless and transient women.