Date: Thursday May 3rd 2018
Time: 8:00pm - 9:30pm


Revival puts the 'long' back in long form, with two teams performing half-hour sets.
From classic formats like The Bat, Cat's Cradle and The Living Room, to new forms developed just for this show, there's a lot of improv to love.

One hour. Two teams. Unlimited possibilities.

This installment features:
* Intimacy Issues (Carley Thorne, Rob Michaels, Meredith Mullen, Eithan Shalmon, Melissa Gerskup, Jackson Rowe, Julia Haist, Chris Heijdens, DaliaVanier, Dorothy Tzimas)


* The Living Room with Cameron Algie, Natasha Boomer, Jason Donovan, Maria Hajigeorgiou, Reid Janisse, Laura Salvas, Sally Smallwood and Kevin Williams!

Hosted by Natasha Boomer
Produced by Maria Hajigeorgiou and Sally Smallwood

Admission $5