Zero Hour Improv

Date: Wednesday May 2nd 2018
Time: 9:30pm - 11:00pm

Zero Hour Improv is back! We have back to back troupes this month to showcase the best troupes in Toronto! Come on out and have some fun!


Good Judy: ( Carley Thorne, Cara Connors, Eitan Shalmon, Julia Haist andJacques Bibit)

The Drop Outs: ( Linda Taillon, Chanelle Berlingeri, Neil Mathur, Preet Panesar, Grace Smith and Trevor Tranter)

The Jack and Marc Show: ( Marc Opie and Jack Van)

Mana Del Rays: (Andrew Cromwell, Devon Doherty, Harpreet Sehmbi,Michelle Laplante, Daniel Moniz and Leila Pejman)

Scottish Haggis: ( Andrew Haggith and Scott Goldman)

Three Speed: ( Matt Nads, John Beauchemin and Lance Byrd)

Fanny Pack: ( Rob Lewin, Elliot Ritter, Ben Sosa Wright and Robyn Bacon)

Pools: ( Cydney Connell, Dani Stover, Michael D'Angelo, Ryan Turner,Brandy Hewitt, Brennan Asbridge, Gordon Harper and Josh Tibbetts)

We need a Troupe Name: ( Azer Karadag and Aman Punjabi)

Casual Hands: ( Emily Bilton and D.j. Mausner)

Hosted by Tyler Morgan

Tickets $10